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Top-tier ISO 20022 memes

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Want to see more funny ISO 20022 memes?

We gathered a compilation of the best ISO 20022 memes ever made.

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Quick tour for ISO 20022

Whether you're new to ISO 20022 or already know a lot about it, it's always a good idea to learn more. Click on the link below to broaden your horizons and gain deeper knowledge.

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XMLdation's Solutions

XMLdation is a world leader in financial messaging. Our solutions are designed for banks and clearers.



ISO 20022 for Corporate to Bank Testing

Enable faster, easier implementations to improve client experience, and time to revenue.

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ISO 20022 for Bank to Clearing System Testing

Real-time simulation of clearing systems to reduce manual testing effort and risk over the long term.

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ISO 20022 for Payment System Operators

Self-service testing and participant readiness, for frictionless on-boarding.

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Want to learn more about ISO 20022?

At XMLdation's Knowledgebase, we have compiled a wealth of information about ISO 20022 and beyond.

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